Interview #124

“HEY!! You going to Dave’s party??”


“The guy called and said he thought one of the guitarists was down the road.”

“No, I don’t know about a party.”



“You need a ride somewhere?”


“I can take you a little ways. The other band’s late, and I think they thought you were one of the dudes.”

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Interview #112

“I’m an actor. I just came from an audition for a part. That’s why I’m dressed like this…

“I picked you up because you had a guitar, and I thought – what guy would bother to carry a guitar if he’s up to trouble. Unless there’s an Uzi in there!”

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Interview #95

“I don’t know why I stopped. I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker before, but you didn’t look scary.”

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Interview #91

“I spent a couple years living in Alaska, and the people there were so nice – always helping us out. I think it changed me.”

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Interview #89

“I do a lot of hiking, and I always appreciated a ride.”

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“I’ve had kids recently, so I haven’t stopped as often as I used to. But I grew up without a car. My mom died when I was one, and I was raised by my grandmother. And we didn’t have a vehicle. We used to walk everywhere we went. I never really ended up going many places. We always depended on other people for help in that way.”

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Hitchhike Interview #70

“I’m a mechanic. I guess I’ve got in the habit of stopping to help people. Not that I can fix everything, but there are a lot of things I can fix. There used to be more of a culture of hitchhiking. Military men would go on furlough and hitchhike home.”

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“The main reason I like helping people is ’cause of Jesus. I like to show his love because Jesus loves everybody.”

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Hitchhiking Interview 50

“I’m just an average person. I’m probably like anyone else. I think – ‘Wow, is that guy a bad guy?’ And if I had my wife in here, I’d ask her – ‘sweetheart, what do you think?’ And she’d have said yay or nay.”

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It’s cool to have reached a place I know and love.

That doesn’t mean people are any more likely to understand what I’m doing or why.

And that’s okay.

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