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Newest Release: WORK (Live EP)

Posted by on Jan 8, 2015

Newest Release: WORK (Live EP)

Dear Friends,

It’s always nice to finish a project and not only feel that you put your best into it, but also that the thing itself was work worth doing – which is exactly how I feel. WORK was worth doing, regardless where it goes from here.

As my sophomore release I couldn’t be happier. The album is a five song EP dealing with themes I care deeply about from agrarian life to loving your neighbor. Recorded live in February of last year much of the result is due to the effort of my friend and fellow musician Evan Hansen, who recorded and mixed the performance. I’ve been told that the album sounds more like me than anything I’ve done to date, which as a statement on both authenticity and production is for me a tremendous compliment.

Huge thanks to Evan and thank you for listening!

WORK is now available at live performances and for purchase on ITunes.