Ben Eppard

A Hollow Note CD


A Hollow Note was recorded live in an old house in Charlottesville, VA using little more than a 60s Yamaha guitar and a field recorder – a device generally employed by bird watchers and NPR journalists…




Tom Conlon

“Ben Eppard’s A Hollow Note has been a pleasure to listen to and live with. The lo-fi sonic landscape was a good choice for the songs, which are a great combination of weighty emotional stuff (the believable kind) wrapped in memorable melodies and starkly simple performances. Less strength in any of these elements would leave the whole thing begging for more production or seem unfinished. But as it stands unadorned, the tunes feel lived-in and honest in the best ways, and this is one of those records that feels at once continuous – listening through, beginning to end is the right way to hear it. So fight the urge to dump this one into a playlist and hit shuffle. Instead, make some time to feel the weight of Ben’s offering – beautiful in it’s pain and simplicity. Put on your headphones or take a long drive and immerse.”

Michael Clem
Eddie from Ohio

“Ben has enviable gifts. He has such an impassioned singing voice without being overly emotive – a great combination of strength, tenderness & honesty. As for his writing, he certainly knows how to sell his Americana craft with great credibility. Somehow, you believe what he sings… probably because he does.”

Justin Storer
The Working Effective

“Damn damn damn good songwriting!”

James Harris Moore

“A Hollow Note rewards you on multiple listens. The reverb-soaked guitar and vocals float along in a dreamy state, but it’s the stories that Ben tells that draw you in deeper. “Harpers Ferry” is a great example of this, framing a relationship between a man and a woman in the larger landscape and history of the place. Definitely worth your time.”