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“Sails” Music Video

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015

“Sails” Music Video

Late last year I led videographer Seth Coogan on a wild goose chase through the Shenandoah Mountains. We were looking for the entrance to a long abandoned train tunnel not far from Waynesboro, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Tunnel is a thing of legend. The tunnel was designed by Claudius Crozet, American immigrant and former engineer to Napoleon’s army, in an era that pre-dated dynamite. The use of now antiquated blasting techniques didn’t keep Crozet and his men from achieving what amounted to an engineering marvel, however. On Christmas Day 1856 the tunnel was holed through – less than six inches off perfect alignment. At the time it was the longest tunnel in the United States, and it continued to gain historical renown – not least of all because Stonewall Jackson used it as a shortcut during the Civil War, marching his troops through the tunnel.

By World War II, however, trains were rapidly increasing in size. A new larger tunnel was built paralleling the old one (although to Crozet’s credit the two sides didn’t match up so perfectly), and the original Blue Ridge Tunnel was forgotten – relegated to a destination for explorers and local miscreants.

Then one day I tried to lead Seth there with the idea of filming a music video. Needless to say I took the long way, but all that rambling made for a great video (see below).

Today, the surrounding counties are working to transform the tunnel into a modern bike path – or rail to trail. You can read more about that project here:

“Sails ”
Video by Coogan Videography