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The Hitchhike Interviews: In the Lizard Lounge Green Room

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014

The Hitchhike Interviews: In the Lizard Lounge Green Room

This post is from the Hitchhike Interviews, my travel blog about hitchhiking more than 4,000 miles along the United States East Coast.

The T stopped running at midnight. I was too tight to get a cab, so I walked the four miles to Everett – thinking. I rarely make time to think, and when I do it’s like some sort of neurological binge.

I thought about an exchange I had in the Lizard Lounge green room tonight, when I went to put my guitar back. There was an athletic guy with salt and pepper hair tuning up. Steve reminded me of countless dads still trying to “live the dream” on the rare night they could sneak out. If I’m honest, they’re usually bad musicians. Steve was not. He played well, and I was glad to follow the green room small talk with a genuine compliment. He asked where I was from – what I was doing. He’d been in the back during my set.

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